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School Reopening 2020-2021

NHCS is operating under Plan B AA/BB schedule in all grades. Pre-K through grade 5 will transition to Plan A on Monday, March 8, 2021. Grades 6-12 will continue to operate under Plan B AA/BB schedule. 
Under Plan A, all elementary students will have the option to choose full-time in-person learning or full-time remote learning. Schools will be contacting parents to verify the attendance option they are choosing for their student.
NHCS families should verify PowerSchool contact information is current to receive Connect 5 phone, email, and text notifications from their schools and the district.

See the NHCS website for more information about school reopening.
School Arrival Traffic Patterns
  • Bus Riders - buses will drop off in front of the main entrance. 
  • Car Riders - cars will follow the drop off pattern through the entrance loop. Cars will be directed to stop at a health screening station. 
  • Walkers/Bikers - walkers and bikers will line up on the east side of the school building along the front sidewalk and directed to stop at a health screening station. 
School Arrival Health Screening Procedures
  • Bus Students - Students arriving by bus will be screened and have their temperature checked one at a time as they exit the bus.
  • Car Students – Students arriving by car will be directed to stations in the drop-off line and will be screened and have their temperature checked in the car prior to exiting.
  • Once screened students will be able to proceed to their classroom.  Staff will be in the hallways to ensure they maintain social distance.
  • Students with symptoms of Covid-19, or with a temperature over 100.4 will need to return home or contact a parent to be picked up. If a student is unable to be picked up, we have created a room on campus for students to safely wait for their ride to come.
Transportation - Student Groupings
  • For Plan B, we will operate under the following Alpha Based Groupings with additional considerations made, such as siblings at the Middle School or High School Level:
    • Group A: Last Name Beginning with: A-K
    • Group B: Last Name Beginning with: L-Z
  • Students with IEPs and ELL will still be offered the opportunity to attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Case managers will be reaching out to parents to confirm their decision.

  • Virtual Academy students will continue to work from home for the remainder of the semester.

  • Attestation Form English
  • Attestation Form Spanish
  • Bus Route Information
  • Bus Request for WBS
  • Edulog Parent Portal - Bus tracking phone app directions
Building Social Distancing Features/Expectations
  • Classrooms are set up with desks six feet apart for social distancing. 
  • WBS has also put in stickers on the floor to highlight appropriate distancing and traffic patterns to aid in social distancing.
  •   If a student becomes ill, they report to a designated room where they can await a ride home.

  •  Parents/guardians will be notified by the school.

  •  Students and staff will be expected to wear cloth masks at all times on campus, outside of specific course related exceptions in outdoor spaces, or during lunch.
  • Masks exception requests are available from the county but may result in remote learning as the only option for some students.
  • All students with IEPs should have been contacted by their case manager to make a decision on F2F learning, remaining on Remote Learning rotation, or choosing Virtual Academy. They should also follow up with the Plan B Parent Intent Form which needs to be completed and returned to the school ASAP. 
  • Children who return to the building F2F will attend classes with supports as listed in the IEP. 
  • Children who remain on Remote Learning will continue their remote instruction and attend during their assigned week. Case Managers will be the point of contact if you do not know your child's assigned group. Those remaining on Remote Learning will be expected to attend live sessions and participate in learning platforms daily.     


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